Installation Package

Installation Package

If you would like to quickly install the Bynder DAM Connector in a single Sitecore XP or XM environment, you may do so by using the installation package.


Do not install a Sitecore package directly on a production environment without consulting your Sitecore system administrator!


Download the latest version (opens in a new tab) of the installation package from our website.
The package is a ZIP archive containing files and content items that must be installed using the Sitecore package installation wizard.


Then open the Desktop of your Sitecore Client, usually located at
https://[your-dev-domain]/sitecore/shell, and find the Installation Wizard in the menu.

Upload the installation package and then install it.

The installation will not override any standard files or items. It is safe to install this package without breaking existing behaviour or features.

Configuration notice

After installation has completed, the Sitecore client will refresh and you are presented with a notification that explains the next steps.

The button in the notification dialog will take you to the configuration item in Sitecore.