Legacy Integrations
Legacy Integrations

Legacy Integrations

There have been previous variants of a Bynder integration for Sitecore around, which are no longer supported or in existance:

Bynder Sitecore Connector [deprecated]

The latest version of this connector is 2.3 and it used to be distributed by Bynder via their GitHub account. We continue to be support this connector for existing customers, but it is no longer available to new customers.
This connector has been replaced by Bynder DAM Connector for Sitecore XP/XM (opens in a new tab).

Bynder Sitecore "Basic" & "Advanced" Connector [deprecated]

These connector used to be distributed as two seperate packages.

  • The Advanced Connector refers to the importer module that allows users to import asset from Bynder into the Sitecore Media Library.
  • The Basic Connector refers to a custom field types solution that allow users to pick assets directly from Bynder, in a limited manner.

These packages have been merged into the Bynder Sitecore Connector mid-2021.
The separate packages are no longer supported in any way by Bynder or Human Digital.