XM Cloud Installation

Sitecore XM Cloud installation

Installation for Sitecore XM Cloud is less straight forward than it is for Platform DXP (Sitecore XP/XM).

Developers should follow these steps to deploy the Bynder DAM Connector module to their local Docker containers and the cloud environment:

Local deployment

This assumes you are using the XM Cloud Starter Kit (opens in a new tab) that is provided to you by Sitecore.

  • Stop and remove running containers:
    • Run: docker-compose down
  • In your Visual Studio platform solution, create a Modules project using our template (if needed) (opens in a new tab).
    • We recommend using our template because that makes sure you have the correct NuGet setup.
    • NuGet must be set up with a packages.config. Installing the module will NOT work your modules project uses Package References.
    • Verify that the local publish profile for your Modules project is correct.
  • Install the NuGet package in the Modules project: NuGet\Install-Package Hdis.Connectors.Dam.Bynder.SitecoreXp
  • One-time setup of build and transform:
    • Update the file (used for deployment to the cloud) - see instructions in the file.
    • Update the Hdis.Connectors.Dam.Bynder.SitecoreXp.web.config.xdt file - see instructions in the file.
    • Copy the .xdt file to the /docker/build/cm folder.
    • Copy the example code from cm.Dockerfile.example to /docker/build/cm/Dockerfile.
  • Build images and start containers:
    • Run: docker-compose build to ensure CM image is rebuild (only after you updated the Dockerfile).
    • Run: iisreset /stop to ensure IIS is not running.
    • Run: .\up.ps1 to start the containers.
  • Publish the Modules project to local deploy folder so that the CM container picks it up.
    • Make sure to do this after the containers have been started, otherwise the file watcher will not pick up the change.
  • The Bynder DAM Connector for Sitecore has now been installed on your local Content Management environment.

Deployment to the cloud environment

Once you verified that everything works locally, follow these steps to deploy to the cloud:

  • Run: dotnet sitecore cloud login
  • Run: dotnet sitecore cloud project list
    • Copy the projectId
  • Run: dotnet sitecore cloud environment list --project-id PROJECT-ID-HERE
    • Copy the environmentId
  • Run: dotnet sitecore cloud deployment create --environment-id ENVIRONMENT-ID-HERE --upload

Installing updates

Updates are published as NuGet package. To update and existing installation, simply update the NuGet package in your Modules project and publish the project to the cloud environment.